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Ogedengbe Ayodele Monday

Ogedengbe Ayodele Monday




Ogedengbe Ayodele Monday is the President/CEO of Global Trust MCS Ltd since inception in August 2013. A man driven with vision, passion and excellence, is a Quantity Surveyor by profession, who graduated from Federal University of Technology, Minna.

The Edo born business mogul with over 25 years cognate business experience started from the street. He started as a casual worker in a Lagos restaurant, from where he joined Kala Soup Ventures as a sales representative.

His quest for success has been his major driving force which motivated him to pursue greener pasture in Rastex Venture, a cosmetics production firm. He grew from just a sales executive to the marketing manager. A position he held that turned around the sales volume and profitability of the firm.

Based on his competence, proficiency and commitment, he was sent on further training on production and upon return, he was promoted to the office of Production Manager and Head of Operations before his departure.

Mr. Ogedengbe worked with the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), project management department when he did his SIWES I and with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Abuja where he cut his tooth during SIWES II.

Growing up from the street and learning with divers work experiences, he built business capital base from the street through which he registered Propatti Network & Bizcom Dataplus Venture which later metamorphosed into Property Network & Development Company Ltd as Principal Partner, developed properties, built houses and own buildings with so many notable success stories.

He is the founder of Lord Monday Education Foundation, a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) he birthed to assist the less privileged that lack financial resources but with intellectual capacity to advance their educational pursuit and have sponsored so many students mostly in tertiary institutions. Today, the Foundation can boost of the first graduate in Law from Benue State University courtesy of his scholarship scheme.

He is the Chairman/CEO of Boardroom Advantage Resources Ltd; Knight of the Blind of the Lions International Club. He is widely traveled and happily married with children.

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